Institutes - Centers

  1. NTT Institute of International Education
  2. NTT High - tech Institute
  3. Nguyen Tat Thanh Institute of Research and Training for Culture – Arts – Communication
  4. Institute of Vietnam Korea Research and Training
  5. Tat Thanh Institute of Agro - Biology
  6. NTT Institute of Career Orientation and Training
  7. Institute of Computer Science
  8. Institute of Green Ocean Strategy
  9. Institute of Social Sciences
  10. Institute of Environmental Science
  11. Industry 4.0 Institute of Science and Technology
  12. Institute of Business and Leadership
  13. Center for vocational skills training
  14. Social Demand - Oriented Training Center
  15. Center for Physical Education and National Defense
  16. Center for Educational Testing
  17. Center for Driving
  18. Center for Higher Education Evaluation and Research
  19. Center for Foreign Languages
  20. Nguyen Tat Thanh University Innovation Incubation Center
  21. Center for Library and Information
  22. NTT Center for Informatics
  23. Center for Student Recruitment and Counseling
  24. Center for Labor Exports

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