Mission - Vision

1. Vision:

NTTU aims to build its reputation as an applied and practical university which offers courses at different levels and majors to meet the local as well as national requirements by 2020.

2. Mission:

NTTU commits to boosting the economic, social, cultural, and environmental growth of HCMC and Vietnam through its research and training activities, which is accomplished through tight alliances with prestigious research institutes and business organizations that help increase the qualities and competiveness of our human resources in the domestic as well as overseas market.

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3. Aims:

As an applied and practical university, our major goal is to meet the general needs for higher education training, favoring students with a dynamic and positive learning environment which helps build up their individual self-study ability, creativity, and responsibility towards their community. Consequently, fresh graduates can easily adapt to changes of a continuously growing society and find suitable job opportunities in the future. We hold a strong belief that our students will be able to dedicate to the growth of HCMC particularly and Vietnam in general in terms of economic prosperity, social stability, and international integration.

4. Core values:

Distinguished  quality both locally and internationally

Integrated  to national and world standards

Dynamic in study, research, work, contribution and life

Intellectual ability to cleverly resolve all challenges

Responsible for one’s own self, family, community, society in every issue.

5. Training philosophy:

“True learning, true practice, true success, true future”

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