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Many scientists have cooperated with businesses to find a solution for social issues

NTTU - In the seminar “Connecting scientists and businesses before the Industrial Revolution 4.0” on Sept 11th at NTTU, over 100 scientists that were professors, doctors representing for scientists from all over the world had the opportunity to meet and connect to large businesses in Vietnam. This idea was to boost the application of creative science into practice on the edge of changes of the Industrial revolution 4.0.

Happiness for teachers

Being able to pass the fire of passion to the students

Happiness for the society and the country

NTTU always aims toward societal welfare and is internationally recognized.

Happiness for the university

Having an excellent and enthusiastic team of teachers that are devoted to the students

Happiness for students

Studying in modern facilities with a stable rate of tuition

Happiness for employers

Recruiting skilled and competent graduates

Study Environment

Nguyen Tat Thanh University held training on HIV/AIDS prevention 2017

In order to conduct HIV/AIDS prevention plan 2017 and improve the coordination of HIV prevention activities in universities and colleges in HCMC, on the morning of 7th September 2017 at Hall C, 298A Nguyen Tat Thanh Campus, the training on HIV/AIDS prevention was held. The program which was organized by Department of Health HCMC in collaboration with NTTU attracted more than 500 students.