Nguyen Tat Thanh University - NTTU

Engineering – Technology

With four faculties, the School of Engineering-Technology is not only large in size but also strong in academic quality. Students from the School of Engineering-Technology can all find jobs within 6 months after graduation. In addition, many lecturers at the faculties are currently chairing state-level and ministerial-level projects in information technology, mechanical-electrical-electronic engineering, agriculture, and chemistry.

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Faculty of Information Technology
The Faculty of Information Technology was established on May 26, 2011. The Faculty currently teaches undergraduate degree in Information Technology with two specialisations: Software Engineering and Computer and Communication Networks for 740 students. Currently, FIT has 29 lecturers including: 02 Professors, 02 Associate professors, 10 PhDs, and 15 Masters.
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Faculty of Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic and Automotive Engineering
By 2020, the Faculty of Mechanical, Electrical, and Electronic Engineering will represent the School of Engineering-Technology to be among the top 5 faculties at Nguyen Tat Thanh University. Our vision is to become a reputable center for academic quality that produces excellent engineers in the field of mechanical, electrical, and electronic engineering in order to expedite the automation and modernization process of Vietnam.
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Faculty of Environmental and Food Engineering
The goal of the Faculty is to provide excellent and professional education to transform students into entrepreneurs, leaders, and managers in the field of engineering and technology. Our core values are expressed in the initials of the faculty’s name: M = mạnh mẽ (vigor), T = tự tin (confidence), T = trách nhiệm (responsibility), P = phù hợp (suitability), H = hội nhập (integration).
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Faculty of Biotechnology
Following the practice and application orientation of NTTU, the Faculty of High-Tech Agriculture and Biotechnology aims toward creating an active and realistic learning environment for students. The faculty consists of two departments: Department of Agricultural Biotechnology that offers a degree in Agricultural Biotechnology, and Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology that focuses on Pharmaceutical Biotechnology.