Nguyen Tat Thanh University - NTTU

Health Sciences

The School of Health Sciences is one of the focuses of Nguyen Tat Thanh University’s development strategy and comprises three faculties: Medicine, Pharmacy and Nursing. The school offers many degrees related to the field of health care & science such as Pharmacology, Nursing, and Medical Engineering. As NTTU has established the partnership with almost a hundred top hospitals and pharmaceutical companies in Vietnam, students from the School of Health Sciences have plenty of real-life opportunities for practice and internship during their undergraduate years.

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Faculty of Pharmacy
As the key faculty of NTTU’s School of Health Sciences, the Faculty of Pharmacy was founded in 2008. With a system of 26 specialized laboratories, the faculty currently offers the degree in Pharmacy (Pharmacist) at university undergraduate, collegiate, vocational, other full-time, transitional, and part-time levels.
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Faculty of Nursing
Nursing is a science in caring, nurturing, exercising, educating the health of patients and the health of the community. This profession has become an independent profession, in collaboration with doctors, pharmacists, technicians and components in the health system.
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Faculty of Medicine
Established as a merger result of Nursing, Medicine, Medical Engineering, and Ophthalmology majors in 2014, the Faculty of Public Health offers multidisciplinary education in the field of medicine and health care through the school-hospital collaboration model. The vision of the Faculty of Public Health is to transform NTTU into an academic hub for medicine that will produce excellent and ethical graduates.