Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

Wednesday, 28 Dec-2016 12:00 am

  1. Vision

By 2025, NTTU shall be an applied, practical, multidisciplinary, multi-level university, aligning with the national and international development needs, and meeting regional and international standards.

  1. Mission

NTTU is committed to providing quality human resources, for the national and international labour market through education, research and community services, based on strategic alliance with businesses and research institutes.

  1. Goal

NTTU’s goals are aligned toward the applied and practical orientation, meeting the mass education needs by creating positive learning environment and practical experiences for all students, equipping learners with self-learning ability, creative spirits, entrepreneurship, and social responsibility to the community, the region, and the world.

  1. Educational philosophy

Real Learning – Real Practice – Real Prestige – Real Career.

NTTU follows the learner-centred approach, thereby stating its educational philosophy of "Real Learning – Real Practice – Real Prestige – Real Career". NTTU believes that "learners form competencies through an academic environment that is established and connected with businesses through scientific research, applied-research, and community services. The real-world experiences help learners in knowledge construction, skills development, career orientation, forming the desire to contribute to the community, and creating personal prestige with professionalism and professional ethics”.

  1. Core Value:
  • Solidarity (a collective unity for the common goals);
  • Integration (with Vietnam, the region, and the world);
  • Proactiveness (in learning, research, and work);
  • Wisdom (with bright mind for problem solving);
  • Responsibility (for self, family, community, society, and the world).
  1.  Development Orientation

2020 – 2030 Period

  • In 2020, Nguyen Tat Thanh University aims to become an applied and practical university that meets national standards and a reputable school nationally and globally.
  • Meets international standards in 2020-2030.
  • Gets into top 300 universities in Asia with strong emphasis on quality aspects as determined by QS Stars:

            + Research quality

            + Teaching Quality

            + Internationalisation